Workshop on "Outcome Based Education"

Department of Computer Engineering arranged a 2 day workshop on "Outcome Based Education". The guest speaker for the workshop was Engr. Dr. Khalid Rahman.

Dr. Khalid Rahman obtained BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology in 2000. After that he worked in various industry related to design and development for seven years. From Jeju National University, South Korea, he obtained MS degree in 2009 and PhD degree in 2012. After PhD in August 2012, he joined Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at GIK Institute as an Assistant Professor. His research focuses are additive manufacturing and manufacturing processes, and published 20 articles in well reputed scientific journals. Besides academic activities, he is managing the implementation and Self-Assessment Report (SAR) for Outcome Based Education system (OBE) in Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in compliance with Washington Accord (WA), and program has been accredited by PEC and WA foreigner evaluation Team for 4 years. He also delivered lectures and workshop to various faculties on Outcome Based Education. Currently he is coordinator of QEC for GIK Institute. Moreover, coordinator of National Design Build and Fly Competition sponsored by HEC STEM Career program and regularly organizing the competition since 2014. And advisor of AIAA GIK student chapter and supervising a team of undergraduate students, regularly participating in AIAA Cessna/Raytheon Missile Systems Student Design/Build/Fly competition, and attained 38th position in 2016.

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