Programs currently offered in Computer Engineering are as follows

 Bachelors in Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering combines the expertise of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics and offers the opportunity to explore a wide range of computer engineering applications, to design and develop software, hardware and networking systems for a variety of fields in today's fast'changing marketplace.You'll gain a lot of experience in using industry'standard equipment, computer programming and simulation packages. It is a hands'on course with strong emphasis on both theory and practice and opportunities to gain practical experience by solving real'world problems.

Masters in Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is a dynamic and broadly interdisciplinary field that continues to experience rapid professional growth that impacts every area of human endeavor. It is creative application of engineering principles and methods to the design and development of hardware and software systems. Computer engineers apply their knowledge to the design of digital circuits and software in various areas, including cell phones, computers, computer networks, computer vision, pattern recognition and embedded systems. MS in Computer Engineering encompasses the design, development, testing, and evaluation of circuits, components, systems, and networks. Therefore, the MS program is designed to prepare the graduates to work in areas such as digital system and circuit design, embedded systems, image processing, database management and telecommunication engineering. The MS in Computer Engineering program builds a strong foundation in all aspects of the design and development of computer systems, with a specialization in a major area. Students are required to pursue thesis research under the guidance of a faculty adviser. Courses and research in Computer Engineering include: digital systems, computer architecture, internet of things, image processing, communication, big data, computer vision, VLSI design, embedded systems, wireless sensor networks, analog and digital CMOS IC design, robotics, and system-on-chip design.

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