Group for Research in Circuits and Systems (GRiCS)


Integrated Circuits (ICs) have become a fundamental and imperative part of every real-life electronic system. ICs are ubiquitous: from digital watches to laptops, from toys to satellites. Even the automobiles, which used to be mechanical machines, now incorporate more electronic parts than mechanical. Moore’s law has driven the IC technology for decades to achieve higher speed and performance while decreasing the cost per transistor of a digital a chip. Today, the semiconductor device dimensions have become extremely small and the devices are designed to operate at very low voltages. Low power operation of devices is the most critical design constraint. New and better devices, circuits, design techniques, methodologies and paradigms need to be sought out for complete system design that can cope with the issues of low power and reliable design for specific applications.

The basic goal of GRiCS is to develop the expertise in area of Integrated Circuit Design at CPE-KFUEIT and recruit, encourage and inspire its graduates to work in concerning areas. The group will provide a platform to graduates, researchers and faculty members to study, explore and design their own solutions for various issues concerning Integrated Circuits. We aim to become a premier center for IC design in Pakistan and are looking forward for local and international collaborations.

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